Self-driving car involved in accident, reports indicate human error to blame

A self-driving test car belonging to Argo AI, the artificial intelligence company that received a $1 billion investment from Ford in 2017, was involved in a car accident on Wednesday in Pittsburgh. Three people were injured, but early traffic reports indicate that human error was the cause of the crash.

A Public Safety spokeswoman reported that there were four people inside the self-driving car when a light box truck ran a red light and caused the accident, sending two of them to the hospital. A Ford spokesperson said that three individuals were sent to the hospital as a precaution, and that they have since been released.

After initially not commenting on whether the vehicle was in self-driving mode, a Ford representative said that, “the driver resumed manual control prior to the collision." Argo AI temporarily paused their autonomous car operations in Pittsburgh following the accident as a precaution, but as of January 11 operations were back to normal.

This is not the first self-driving car accident in Pittsburgh, as a self-driving Uber Volvo was involved in an accident in September 2017. However, that vehicle was not in autonomous mode at the time of the accident either.

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