Red Sox use Apple Watch to cheat, stealing opponent's hand signals

Over the past decade, the Red Sox have been a slowly rising star in the world of Major League Baseball (MLB); holding two World Series titles in 2007, and 2013, as well as holding a place in the top five teams with the highest batting average. In 2017, the Red Sox have quickly become a fan favorite and lead the MLB in first place for the American League East, with 77 wins and 61 losses as of September 5, 2017.

Three weeks ago, MLB investigators began searching for merit to a complaint filed against the Red Sox for executing a “scheme to illicitly steal hand signals from their opponents’ catchers”. Evidence includes a video of the alleged misconduct, which was taken during a game series against the Yankees. The video in question has been corroborated by MLB investigators and shows a member of the Red Sox training staff using his Apple Watch to relay a message to players from the dugout; this information would help the players guess the type of pitch to be thrown.

The Red Sox admitted that trainers received privileged information from video personnel, and had relayed the information to some players; the penalty to the team has not been issued yet.

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