Nigel Farage expresses support for a second Brexit referendum to silence the "whinging"

Admitting to changing his mind, Nigel Farage says that maybe the British public should get a second chance to vote on Brexit, in order to "once and for all" silence opponents. Considered the architect of Brexit, Farage along with his insurgent UK Independence Party are credited with pressuring Conservative ex-Prime Minister David Cameron into authorizing the first referendum, which Brexiters won by a margin of 52 percent to 48 percent. Current Prime Minister Theresa May is now negotiating the terms of the divorce with EU officials, the final version of which is subject to parliamentary approval.

Farage's surprise shift puts him in the same camp as many anti-Brexit "remainers," but for different reasons. He maintains that Brexit would win even bigger at the polls a second time around and would permanently silence persistent pro-EU, Brexit foes such as ex-PM Tony Blair and other high-profile Remainers.

Theresa May has ruled out a second referendum as has the leadership of Blair's Labor Party. Although he is no longer leading Ukip, Farage continues as an influential voice in British politics with his radio talk show and frequent TV appearances.

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