Mystery of Egypt's 'screaming mummy' - which has stumped experts for years - finally solved

The mystery behind the gruesome appearance of Egypt's "Screaming Mummy" (Unknown Man E) has baffled archaeologists for years, but the mystery seems to have been solved.

Several possibilities have been put forth over the years to explain the mummy's agonizing appearance, including torture and poisoning. However, a long-standing theory that the mummy is Prince Pentewere, son of 20th Dynasty Pharaoh Ramses III who was forced to commit suicide after his conspiracy to kill his father was discovered, gained weight after a recent DNA analysis confirmed a familial relationship between Unknown Man E and Ramses III. The "Screaming Mummy" was also found to have marks from being hanged, as Prince Pentewere was reported to have been killed in the Harem Conspiracy Papyrus.

How the body was laid to rest in a royal tomb was atypical: he was wrapped in sheepskin (not linen bandages) which was considered impure and a sign of disgrace by ancient Egyptians, and he was left to dry in natron rather than be mummified properly. His hands and feet were bound and there was resin poured into his mouth.

The "Screaming Mummy" is on special display for the first time this week at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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