Disney in talks to acquire Fox's TV & film divisions, enhancing new streaming service

Fox is reportedly interested in selling their scripted film and TV divisions, and Disney has interest in being the potential buyer. The sale could allow Fox to focus on its most profitable areas - sports and news.

With the changing media landscape that is seeing Netflix, Amazon and others dominating the industry, Fox simply doesn’t have the scale to match them in the entertainment department. Disney, however, is already the biggest player in the film industry, and this acquisition would only bolster their lead. Another important motivation for the deal is Disney's intent to launch a streaming service, which Fox's content could expand considerably and help Disney combat Netflix, Amazon and HBO.

While the move would be great for Disney, it would also potentially lead to more consolidation in an industry that has already seen its fair share. If Disney and Fox combine, other studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and Universal might be next.

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