Chinese social media platform Weibo decides against gay content ban after major backlash

Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, often described as the Chinese Twitter, announced on Monday that it would no longer be removing all homosexual content.

Weibo had declared a crackdown on homosexual and violent content on Friday, but major outrage and protests since the announcement has forced Weibo to reverse it decision.

Weibo claimed the homosexual "clean-up campaign" was in response to stricter internet laws put in place by the Chinese government last year, but the timing of Weibo's announcement seemed to come out of the blue.

Since the announcement, many Weibo users and LGBT community members expressed outrage online by posting pictures of themselves with their partners and using the hashtag #IAmGay to vent their frustrations.

By early Monday morning, Weibo made another announcement: its crackdown on content will "no longer apply to homosexual content".

"We thank everyone for their discussion and suggestions," Weibo added in the statement.

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