After $230M ICO in 2017, Tezos is now requiring identification to get your tokens

The Tezos Foundation launched a record-breaking ICO ("fundraiser") in July 2017 and didn't require buyers to present any form of identification, expecting a similar regulatory environment to the Ethereum ICO in 2014.

But the Tezos network still hasn't launched and the regulatory environment has since changed, with regulators signaling that Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are mandatory for ICOs.

Now Tezos is requiring buyers to present identification retroactively and will not provide tokens to buyers which refuse to produce legal documents. Many Tezos buyers are enraged by the change in policy but Tezos co-founder has made it clear on Reddit that it's "not my call."

Some are already pushing a fork to Tezos - nTezos - which will be identical in code to Tezos but will not require user identification. It's yet to be seen if the fork will have any real support behind it.

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