16-year-old Girl Scout pushes Alaska Airlines to ditch plastic straws, use compostable straws instead
Walmart keeps Fortune 500 top spot 7th year in a row, Amazon joins top 10 for first time
Don Blankenship, loser of West Virginia Republican Senate primary, bails on party and will run as independent
Clinton to back incumbent Andrew Cuomo for NY governor
U.S. Supreme Court decides employers can bar worker class-action lawsuits
Netflix reaches multi year agreement with Barack and Michelle Obama
Regulators in U.S. and Canada launch "international crackdown" on cryptocurrency scams
Investors worth $10 trillion demand oil industry take responsibility for 'all its emissions'
China to cut auto import taxes on July 1
Elon Musk: Tesla employees haven't unionized because "they just don't want to"
Royal wedding guests are selling their gift bags online for over $1,000
Progressive coalition launches campaign to break up Facebook
Pollution is turning the Taj Mahal, one of the seven Wonders of the World, green and yellow
NYC Mayor instructs police to stop all arrests of people smoking weed in public, full legalization to come
California man accidentally starts apartment fire after using torch lighter to kill big spider
Ethereum network clogged by 4chan meme games
Top Bitcoin Cash miners meet in Hong Kong, announce plan to fund BCH development with block rewards
University College London breaks ties with IOTA Foundation after threats on cryptography researchers
Study shows Viagra and flu vaccine drug cocktail can prevent cancer spreading
Missouri Is The First State To Say Lab Grown Meat Is Not Meat
Study: nearly half of US households can't afford basics like food and rent
Massive battery storage project comes online in U.K.
Study: Humans comprise 0.01% of all biomass, but responsible for destruction of 83% of all wild mammals
Study: Tea leaves can prove to be effective in lung cancer treatment
Texans' JJ Watt will pay for funerals of Santa Fe victims
Virginia police track bicycle assault suspect using his Strava fitness app
Gianluigi Buffon: Juventus career ends with win over Verona
In royal vows, Meghan Markle removes the part saying she will 'obey' her husband
How much did the royal wedding cost? And who is paying for it?
Deadpool 2 Deposes Infinity War
Estonia to become first country to enact nationwide free public transport
Data Leaking CPU Flaw Found
Sweden warns citizens to prepare for war in Cold War-style booklet
New Trump administration rule would cut protections on Alaskan bear cubs, coyote pups, and other animals
Pope Francis tells gay man "God made you like this and loves you like this and I don't care"
A Sherpa just climbed Mt. Everest for a record 22nd time, and is already planning his next trip