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UK to test self-driving truck platoons

09/20/2017, 23:00 UTC , by Shells Walter

The UK will start testing self-driving truck platoons in 2018 to help with fuel costs and emission reduction. Self-driving truck platoons will work as an​...

Nippon Yusen ship (BathyMatrix, CC 3.0:

New sailor-less ships threaten to transform the shipping industry

09/14/2017, 19:00 UTC , by Jack Lauer

Autonomous transportation technology is evolving and rapidly advancing the shipping industry. Changes have been occurring so quickly that by 2019, Japanese largest container line, Nippon​...

Tesla charging station (Image: Alexandre Prévot)

Tesla entering commercial freight industry with electric truck

09/05/2017, 04:00 UTC , by Jason Kocsis

As the commercial freight industry continues to explore the practicality of electric powered vehicles, Tesla plans on introducing their own electric powered rig next month​...

South Korea introduces new ‘Robot Tax’ to deal with ever-increasing automated jobs

The South Korean government has introduced a “robot tax” that will limit tax benefits for industrial automation investments, to help make up for jobs being​...

Image: Flickr/Wesley Fryer

Tesla remotely extends car range in Florida vehicles, helping owners flee Hurricane Irma

09/10/2017, 13:00 UTC , by Tesla Fan

The basic version of the Tesla Model S and Model X utilize only 60 kWh of the 75 kWh of the car's battery pack​...

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