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It rains solid diamonds on Neptune and Uranus, study shows

09/19/2017, 19:00 UTC , by Kale Havervold

If you had a rain barrel set up on Neptune or Uranus, it would be filling up with something a lot more interesting than water​...

A molecular engine (Walterdenkens,CC 3.0 [])

Scientists create nano-machines that can destroy cancer cells

09/18/2017, 12:00 UTC , by Richard Marcil

Nanomachines -- machines so small that 50,000 are only as wide as a strand of human hair -- might soon be used to drill holes through​...

Study: Kitchen sponges are bacteria magnets, better to throw them out than try to disinfect them

Researchers analyzed the genetic materials in 14 used kitchen sponges and found 362 different types of bacteria. 5 of the 10 most common bacteria had​...

Psilocybin (Image: Sasata, MushroomObserver)

Scientists successfully create psychoactive ’magic mushrooms’ in lab, compound could be used for medical cures

In 1958, renown chemist Albert Hoffman was the first person to isolate and synthesize the key material in ‘magic mushrooms’ - psilocybin. Ever since, scientists have​...

3D reconstruction of the plant 'brain' (University of Birmingham)

Scientists discover plant ‘micro-brain’ which controls seed development

A new study, conducted by University of Birmingham researchers, found that the behavior of plant seeds is governed by a small decision-making structure, or a​...

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