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Image: Phil Whitehouse

Neuroscientists show that noise is killing your concentration at work

09/13/2017, 18:00 UTC , by Emilee Coblentz

Last year, the Human Experience Lab at Perkins+Will ran a study to see how productive a person can be when working in a busy​...

KFC drive through (Image: Richard Croft)

Study: Lonely people more likely to buy products from friendly faces

09/10/2017, 19:00 UTC , by John Witiw

Lonely people are more likely to purchase products with a friendly face, according to a new study in the European Journal of Social Psychology.


Study finds that “best friends” keep us healthier

09/04/2017, 06:00 UTC , by Devin Klos

Is it better to have a large circle of friends or just a few “best” friends as a teenager? A University of Virginia study argues​...

Image: Sinchen Lin

Chinese app users willingly risk money in the hope of reaching personal goals

08/31/2017, 02:00 UTC , by Jacy Meyer

Popular Chinese social media app WeChat has an option for those struggling to make a change in their lives. Join a support group with a​...

Image: David Shankbone

Aziz Ansari says he uninstalled Instagram, Twitter, browser from his phone. Prefers books, looking at world around him

In a GQ interview, Ansari explains that the main reason we look at our phones is to see something new, even if it’s not​...

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