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Dennis Wise/University of Washington

Researchers develop app to detect early-stage pancreatic cancer, using only phone camera

09/13/2017, 04:00 UTC , by Gabriel Kositsky

Pancreatic cancer is considered an especially lethal type of cancer, with a mortality rate of 91% in the last 5 years. Early discovery of the​...

New drug shown to dramatically reduce heart attacks and cancer deaths, could revolutionize patient treatment

09/07/2017, 03:00 UTC , by Chris Sivret

A Harvard study following 10,000 heart attack patients over a period of four years showed a 51 percent reduction in cancer deaths and 24​...

Image: Austin Kirk

California court orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million in talcum powder lawsuit

08/29/2017, 03:00 UTC , by Joyce Handzo

In a potentially far-reaching verdict, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay a California woman $417 million after she successfully argued that the company's​...

When you’re tired, is it better to drink a cup of coffee or take a nap? It turns out the answer is “both” - a coffee nap will make you more alert than either solution

In our bodies caffeine is initially processed in the small intestine, then enters the bloodstream, and eventually reaches the brain. The reason caffeine makes us​...

Study finds that adults need the same amount of sleep as young people but simply lose the ability to sleep

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley examined the sleep habits of people of different ages, and the biological processes in the brains of​...

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