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Snip is a community based platform for news you care about.

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1,500,000 SNIP
worth more than $1000, before tips
How it works

At the heart of the Snip platform is SnipCoin, an Ethereum-based digital currency.

As a writer, you are rewarded for sharing great snippets, and the more people upvote your story, comment on it, and share it, the higher the reward.

Our best writers earn more than $50 per post, before tips from readers.

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“I write for Snip because I love the freedom to write what and when I want. I enjoy the variety of engaging topics we get to write about, as well as the fact that they’re looking for ‘unclickbait’”

Kurt Brighton, USA

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You can write about any news story in the world, on any topic. In the writing screen you can find some top news stories but you’re not limited to them. Being original often provides an advantage. Naturally, topics with more popular appeal will usually be rewarded more.

The value of the writer reward depends on user feedback and user engagement (upvotes, comments, shares), calculated by Snip’s internal algorithms. We spend a significant effort to make sure that these cannot be gamed by fake likes, comments, and shares.

The reward for a post can reach $100 per post but can also be $0 (no payment). The reward is denominated in SnipCoin (SNIP) and can also be collected in US Dollars or Ethereum.

We offer three ways to collect Snip rewards:

  1. Ethereum - ETH will be sent to your Ethereum address, based on the current SNIP-ETH exchange rate.
  2. US Dollars - USD will be sent to your PayPal account, based on the current SNIP-USD exchange rate. Receiving USD is only possible with $5 rewards or higher.
  3. SnipCoin (SNIP) - SNIP tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address. Receive 15%(!) bonus when choosing SNIP rewards. This option will be available soon.

Rewards will be sent to writers every Tuesday. USD rewards will be available only for total rewards of more than $5.

The platform only supports English snippets. Snippets in other languages will not receive a reward and will not appear on the front page.

We plan to add more languages over time.