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Image: Naquib Hossain

India has 10 million fewer child deaths than expected between 2000 and 2015

6 hours ago , by Julia Travers

“The Million Death Study” (MDS) is an ongoing, large-scale study of premature mortality in India that began in 1998. With one of the highest childhood​...

Image: Bo-Yi Wu

Google discovers Russia bought ads on Gmail, YouTube

23 hours ago , by Richard Marcil

Google has discovered that Russian operatives purchased ads on YouTube, Gmail, and the company’s DoubleClick ad network as part of its attempt to sway​...

Image: Basecoin

Ex-Google engineers receive funding to build crypto stable coin, design criticized by economic analysts

10/15/2017, 20:00 UTC , by Master of Crypto

Basecoin, backed by top crypto VCs Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital, is offering a token which will be pegged to the US Dollar, with fluctuations​...

Image: Kaspersky Labs

Israeli spies hack Kaspersky Anti-Virus network, discover worldwide Russian hacking scheme

10/14/2017, 02:00 UTC , by John Witiw

While collecting information in Kaspersky’s computer network, Israeli intelligence officers reportedly caught Russian government hackers who were trying to obtain code names of American​...

Study: Marijuana opposite of gateway drug, could curb opioid epidemic

10/13/2017, 18:00 UTC , by Nicole Anderson

New research from the University of New Mexico has found that marijuana may not be the gateway drug some think it is. In fact, according​...