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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to declare 2025 fuel efficiency targets "not appropriate" and rewrite

The 2025 vehicle efficiency standards, which sought to double the average fuel efficiency across an automakers’ lineup between 2011​... Read more


Dropbox shares gain 36% on the first day of trading, valuing the company at $12.7 billion

Dropbox Inc.’s (DBX) initial public offering was the largest technology IPO since Snap Inc.’s IPO in March 2017. The shares, priced​... Read more

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Anxieties mount over growing use of cryptocurrency by hate groups

Cryptocurrencies are poorly regulated and crypto transactions are often difficult to track. That anonymity makes them attractive to​... Read more

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Stormy Daniels' lawyer posts DVD containing alleged evidence of Trump's affair with porn star

The lawyer representing Stormy Daniels – the porn actress suing President Donald Trump – tweeted an image of an apparent data ​... Read more

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Sen. Warren tells Ben Carson he should be fired

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tore into Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson on Friday over his failure to enfor​... Read more


Iowa family of 4 found reported missing found dead in Mexico condominium

Mexican authorities have found the bodies of an American couple and their two children who were reported missing by relatives last ​... Read more


Sen. Duckworth introduces bill to publicize Trump officials’ travel habits

In an effort to curb government spending, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) introduced legislation Friday that would require executive ​... Read more

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Taylor Swift shares support for 'March for Our Lives' event on Instagram

Despite being known for rarely making her political views public, singer Taylor Swift shared her support for the upcoming March for​... Read more