Scientists grow diamonds that can bend and stretch like rubber

Researchers from MIT have discovered a way to tame the extremely hard and brittle diamond. By growing diamond in extremely tiny sha​... Read more

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Houston Rockets crush Timberwolves with 50 points in one quarter, almost breaking NBA record

After reaching 65 wins in the regular season and James Harden winning the MVP title, many were disappointed to see the Houston Rock​... Read more

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Google posts another record quarter, triples capital expenditures in one year

Alphabet, Google's parent company, posted $31.15B in revenue and $9.93B in profit, growing more than 25% on the top line and beatin​... Read more


12-year-old Australian steals mother's credit card, flies to Bali alone for vacation

After arguing with his mother, the boy stole her credit card and looked up Australian airlines which allow children to fly alone. H​... Read more

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Trump lied to FBI's Comey about 2013 Moscow trip

Last year, President Donald Trump told then-FBI Director James Comey that the reports that he had cavorted with prostitutes during ​... Read more

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Sean Hannity controls a real estate empire worth millions through shell companies

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity controls some 20 shell companies that have purchased at least $90 million worth of real estate in​... Read more

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Ethereum community divided by proposal to restore $330M of lost Ethereum

In November 2017, an unknown person discovered a bug in the Parity multi-signature Ethereum wallet contract and sent a kill order t​... Read more

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Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles organization may decline White House visit

It's nearly May, almost three months after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl, but the team still has yet to announce plans ​... Read more