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New smartphone chips will allow 30cm GPS resolution, starting 2018

12 hours ago , by Techie Girl

Current smartphone GPS chips listen to L1 radio signals emitted from GPS satellites, at a 1 MHz frequency, and use signals from different satellites to​...

Osiris-Rex rendering (NASA)

NASA probe uses Earth's gravity as slingshot to explore asteroid

21 hours ago , by Gabriel Kositsky

In 2016, a NASA spacecraft named Osiris-Rex was launched in a mission to bring back an asteroid sample to Earth, and the asteroid “Bennu” was​...

Source: YouTube (screenshot)

Scientists successfully recreate people’s faces through DNA, unlocking futuristic concepts

09/24/2017, 02:00 UTC , by John Witiw

A company called Human Longevity is using the way genetic sequences, or “genomes,” are tied to physical features to create a lifelike image of a​...

Damon (Image: Steve Jurvetson)

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Damon continues attack on Bitcoin, says “governments like to control their currencies”

09/23/2017, 09:00 UTC , by Crypto Dude

In an interview with CNBC, Damon doubled down on his previous remarks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He says that governments will not let Bitcoin become​...

EU pays for study on Internet piracy, then conceals piracy-friendly conclusions for years

09/23/2017, 05:00 UTC , by Master of Crypto

In 2014, the European Commission ordered a study on Internet piracy from consulting firm Ecorys, at a total cost of €360,000 ($430,000). But​...

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