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Study: ExxonMobil misled public on climate change for 40 years, #Exxonknew campaign finally proven right

4 hours ago , by Ishita Patel

For years, activists have been leading a campaign called #Exxonknew, funded by the Rockefeller family. The primary claim of the campaign is that oil company​...

Source: CoinDash (Screenshot)

In strange twist, hacker returns $3M stolen from CoinDash ICO

8 hours ago , by Master of Crypto

On July 17 the Coindash ICO ended within minutes, with $7M in funds transferred to the ICO Ether account. Shortly after, it turned out that​...

Source: Paragon

Crypto SIM attacks continue, CEO of Cannabis ICO Paragon targeted by hackers

23 hours ago , by Crypto Dude

In recent months, as cryptocurrency prices have skyrocketed, hackers have also gravitated to the field in search of quick profit. These attacks include targeted phishing​...

El-Arian (Source: World Economic Forum)

PIMCO ex-CEO: Cryptocurrencies still in early stage, will eventually supplement but not replace central banks

09/21/2017, 04:00 UTC , by Master of Crypto

In a Bloomberg op-ed, Mohamed El-Arian analyzes the last crypto events of the last week and the subsequent fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. He notes that​...

UK to test self-driving truck platoons

09/20/2017, 23:00 UTC , by Shells Walter

The UK will start testing self-driving truck platoons in 2018 to help with fuel costs and emission reduction. Self-driving truck platoons will work as an​...

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